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AquaCareH2O Thickened Beverages

The Next-Generation Of Thickened Beverages For Dysphagia

AquaCareH2O is the next generation of thickened beverages for individuals with difficulty swallowing. Thickened with xanthan gum, AquaCareH2O offers you and your loved one beverages with a natural appearance and  taste.  AquaCareH2O is available in a variety of flavors such as water, apple, orange and cranberry juice, and regular and decaf coffee.  Each of these varieties are available in nectar-like or honey-like consistencies, and 8- and 64-oz. bottles. With no flavor additives or required mixing, AquaCareH2O is your ready-to-drink, convenient beverage option that can be enjoyed any where at any time.

AquaCareH2O Benefits

Appealing: AquaCareH2O's water's clear appearance and natural taste may improve intake and hydration status while reducing medical complications.

Convenient: AquaCareH2O thickened beverages require no measuring or mixing, and are ready-to-drink.  Just chill, open and serve.

Consistent: AquaCareH2O will not continue to thicken over time and changes in temperature and meets the National Dysphagia Guidelines for nectar- and honey-like consistencies.   

Versatile:   Unlike starch-based thickened beverages, AquaCareH2O may be heated, chilled and frozen without changing the viscosity.

    • Heat it: In a microwave safe mug, mix and heat with powdered tea, hot chocolate or coffee for an enjoyable hot beverage.  It may also be mixed and warmed with powdered baby formula.
    • Chill it:  Mix and chill with powdered tea, lemonade, milk or a variety of other powdered mixes for a refreshing beverage.  AquaCareH2O water can also be easily mixed with powdered nutritional supplements, like laxatives and protein powders.
  • Freeze it:  Freeze into ice cubes or popsicle trays for frozen treats.

Nuritionals and ingrediants here: http://www.thickitretail.com/Portals/0/Thick-It-Nutritionals912.pdf

Also see the SaveOnThickIt.com AquaCareH2O page: http://www.saveonthickit.com/aquacareh20-thickened-beverages/